Nocturne Theatre
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Best play I have seen in a while. Will return.
Sonia MerinoSonia Merino
01:54 30 May 24
Ivan PerezIvan Perez
10:08 19 May 24
Carmen Izquierdo-OlivaCarmen Izquierdo-Oliva
05:49 19 May 24
Me and my husband went to go watch The Beauty and The Beast and it was absolutely amazing. We were blown away by the acting, storytelling, and costumes. It just kept getting better and better as it continued. Highly recommend! I’m so glad we found this theatre and will definitely be coming back for future productions!
Went last night to see Beauty & the Beast. First time at this theatre. The place was great & the show was SPECTACULAR! Wasn't sure how they were going to pull off the show with the stage in the middle, bit the sets & costumes were great! Can't wait to go back for another show.
Arus TeeArus Tee
06:29 13 May 24
Such a lovely little theater. We recently watched Beauty and The Beast and were blown away! The actors were top-notch and so talented, the costumes were amazing, and the production was really great. We look forward to the next one!
Aj SalaizAj Salaiz
08:01 22 Apr 24
The staff were all super friendly. The lobby is clean. The snack counter is pretty reasonable compared to other theaters. The theater is a little worn but the seats are wide and comfortable. If you are sitting in the first couple rows on the west side the speaker is a little loud. I would recommend maybe sitting a few rows back. Jekylle and Hyde was a great show. It was so good we immediately booked tickets to see Beauty and the Beast next month. Looking forward to seeing future shows here.
gloria riosgloria rios
23:16 21 Apr 24
I had the pleasure of seeing the Jekyll and Hyde production at the Nocturn theater twice. It was a wonderful experience from entrance to exit. Support staff were warm and welcoming. The production was steller... exciting, fun campy, poignant and daring. The actors were all superb with beautiful dynamic voices...talent galore.The performance had a wonderful edge of your seat feel. And Mr Meyer, who performed the lead and very demanding role was simply amazing. He has a beautiful and powerful voice. His delivery was both commanding and passionate. The entire performance just drew you in.I had the pleasure of meeting the owners in the lobby after the show. What musical theater pros, clearly committed to bringing top notch theater performances to their audiences.I can't wait for the next production. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
Brian NewmanBrian Newman
19:05 24 Dec 23
Great little theater and we're glad it's open again. One of the best seating arrangements to have for live theater. We saw their production of Madame Scrooge which was excellent.
Ali Mariko DresselAli Mariko Dressel
06:59 18 Dec 23
AMAZING retelling of the classic tale! I loved everything about this show - from the beautifully written adaptation to the powerhouse vocalists and dancers to the gorgeous costumes to the brilliant direction & choreography of a theatre-in-the-round production. I especially loved the surprise interactive treat at the end (hint - it involves snowballs ;)It's been such a joy to see Meyer2Meyer evolve over the years, and I have the utmost admiration, respect, and gratitude for everything they do 💕✨ Can't wait to see what comes next!
Caroline CotterCaroline Cotter
04:08 17 Dec 23
Saw the production of Madame Scrooge and it was fantastic! It was a really unique take on A Christmas Carol. It felt really special to see it, like you're witnessing the original run of a soon-to-be classic. The original script & music were incredible. The costumes were next level, the choreography was beautiful, and all of the actors were incredible. 1000000/10 recommend!
Susan BaileySusan Bailey
00:08 17 Dec 23
Saw a production of Madame Scrooge last night at the Nocturne Theater. I enjoyed the experience. The actors did a wonderful job. The costumes were very creative and set the mood for the scenes.Look forward to other productions they have planned!
Rick FrankeRick Franke
18:34 16 Dec 23
Madame Scrooge is a must-see holiday production! The storyline is true to the Dickens classic with creative plot twists and an original musical score, highlighted by extravagent costumes and vibrant lighting effects. Performed "in the round", this musical brings you right into the heart of the plot. We simply fell in love with this charming theater. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a night at the Nocturne for Madame Scrooge - you won't be disappointed!
Laura LinderLaura Linder
20:44 09 Dec 23
AMAZING, POWERFUL, AND PERFECTION! BRAVO!! I highly recommend that EVERYONE IN THE FAMILY should see this before it ends! Best musical that I've seen!
Sara AvilesSara Aviles
19:57 06 Dec 23
Madam Scrooge presented a distinctive interpretation of the classic character, infusing a hint of horror into the narrative. The portrayal of the ghosts was outstanding, complemented by well-executed choreography that added a compelling touch. A standout moment for me was the incorporation of chains hitting the floor for sound effects during the Jacob Marley dance scene. The exceptionally talented cast contributed to a captivating performance, and Madam Scrooge, with her commanding voice and convincing portrayal of disdain, truly stole the show.
Christopher RoneChristopher Rone
18:33 06 Dec 23
Madame Scrooge was one of the best plays I saw this year! The costumes were literally out of this world and were characters in and of themselves. I also loved the “immersive” theatrical experience. Definitely a must see this holiday season!